The Community ❤️

The Community ❤️

West Wood Organics

 What a grateful opportunity we have to be able to showcase our local friends at West Wood Organics. A true and honest organic grocery store with a serious selection of health products and the greenest of produce. The passion and dedication put in between the owners and staff towards customer's is absolutely fantastic. Owner's Jin Kim and Ray Ali, are the owners over in Kerrisdale. Over time they have built strong relationships with the community for people looking to shop for nourishing, heartfelt food. The partnerships they have made have ensured their ability to provide excellence consistently and also support numerous of other small business to thrive and prosper! Stop cheating life of all it's amazing pleasures, and start feeling great again by consuming the many treasures this hidden gem has to offer. Household items, including home-made soaps as well carrying out their mission to help others in their own community. We thank you over here at Eddie-Zoomers Myco Powered Foods and so does The Community.

Located at 2307 W 41st Ave. 




Victoria's Health and Organic Bar

  A vast selection of health and wellness products  for the health conscious consumer. New customers and long time locals are hooked on both the organic bar, and the vitamins/supplements on hand. Victoria's has truly achieved and surpassed the standard of what a health store's need to represent. Service is fast, friendly and the local gossip about the where to get your morning smoothie at, has just got answered! Vancouver loves you Victoria's, we thank you over here at Eddie-Zoomers Myco Powered Foods, and so does The Community.

Located 1637 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver



Organic Luv Nutrition Bar (Juicery & Nutrition Bar) 

 Finishing off strong with our lovely friends over at Organic Luv. Craving Organic cold pressed juice? Make sure to take time out of your day to check out this hard working company that strives to provide The Community with a delicious and nutritious way to incorporate organic plant-based health into a busy life. Organic Luv sources organic ingredients from farms utilizing organic chemical-free farming methods. They a firm believer of the importance of using local farmers whenever possible. These innovative methods protect future biodiversity, soil health and greenhouse emissions. Thank you for making our planet just a little greener, everyday. If you are in need of "fresh squeezed juice" they also deliver on a minimum order of $60. We thank you over here at Eddie-Zoomers Myco Powered Foods, and so does The Community

Located 517 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver, BC



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 - Writer & Marketing Lead 

Haven Gillmaier // Zoomer's Myco Powered Foods






  • l.

    Do not trust this company! Their website says “free returns on all orders” but the phone number listed is out of service and they don’t respond to emails or the online form on the website. There are other companies that make the same products – hopefully they are run by more ethical people!

  • Alan Wilson

    My wife placed an online order and intended to order Immunity and Focus powder however we received two packages of Energy and Vitality coffee. She is unable to have caffeine so we would like to exchange the coffee for the powder. The order was placed in her name which is Fran Alexander. I would appreciate hearing back from someone soon. We are one of your first customers. Thank you Regards, Alan

  • grawzie

    stop flexing on rust you have 9$ an hour income and multiple rv’s over the entirety of canada and call them homes.

  • Jeremy Mathiesen

    When will you be returning to the Tsawwassen farmer’s market?

  • Debbie

    Bought the Ground Mushroom Coffee at the Lonsdale Quay Market last Saturday and am really impressed with the taste and how I feel after drinking versus regular coffee. I’ve tried a different brand of mushroom powder to add to my coffee about a year ago, but it’s still in my cupboard. I’m definitely switching to Zoomer’s! Thank you for a great product.

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